Tuesday, 26 June 2012

New interactive whiteboard added

We know through feedback from teachers how popular the Letter-join whiteboard feature has been with pupils in the classroom. So, to add more fun and interactivity we’ve added a new reward system which displays ‘Good try!’, ‘Well done!’ and 'Excellent!' as whiteboard practice progresses.

The star awards are shown beneath any pattern, letter or word currently on the practice whiteboard - see the example below. If you haven't used the Letter-join whiteboard before simply click the 'Whiteboard' button on the menu strip at the bottom of any page.

Although designed with the interactive whiteboard in mind, Letter-join works equally well on PCs using a digital-pen, touchscreen computers and Portable Tablets that can run Adobe Flash Player. Below, Letter-join is shown on an Acer PC with a touch screen monitor which works very well.

Monday, 25 June 2012

Letter-join Pangrams and extra resources

Letter-join has a new print-out sheet of pangrams (sentences containing all the letters of the alphabet) in a small, handwriting size which is ideal to help advanced writers practice their cursive handwriting.

The Extra Resources button is where you'll find lots of extra print-outs for display and handouts:
  • A4 sheets containing the whole alphabet in cursive script, printed characters and capital letters, which are ideal reference sheets for use in the classroom or at home. 
  • The 26 letters of the alphabet with each cursive letter filling an A4 sheet so you can print them out and hang them around the classoom for a constant reminder of the lettershapes.
  • A selection of lined paper in three sizes, using the same rulers as the Letter-join practice sheets which are ideal for homework and handwriting practice.
  • 100 high frequency words which can be printed out in three sizes
  • Pangrams, for handwriting practice using all the letters of the alphabet.

We are constantly adding to this section, so if there's anything you might need, just let us know.