Monday, 27 June 2011

Letter-join on the road!

Friday night was the Hamstreet Primary School Summer Fayre, and we were invited to have a stand in the school hall, letting parents and children have a hands-on session with Letter-join. We presented Letter-join on one of our large touch-screen monitors, so children and visitors could have a go at joined-up handwriting with their 'Peter pointers'. Great fun!

Presenting in the school hall was very productive: parents now have a better awareness of the method of joined-up handwriting that the school teaches, and they also now know of our 'home edition' to help them and their children at home with handwriting practice.

We received some excellent feedback from visitors including:

"Really good for my eight year old who needs to tidy-up his handwriting".
Mother of Year 3 boy.

"She really loves it, I can see how it will help her when she gets into the nursery". Father of pre-nursery girl.

"It's brilliant. I didn't realise such things existed."  
Mother of Year 1 girl.

Hamstreet School have worked closely with us to develop the Letter-join programme and have been one of the first adopters of the Letter-join handwriting method.

Some teachers are using it on a weekly basis in their handwriting lessons, and the Reception class will be introducing it to the new intake in September which will have a positive effect on handwriting in the years to come.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

The Letter-join Home Edition £35.00 for one year


Letter-join started life as a home hand-writing practice aid for Letter-join's creator's own children. It was then adopted and developed and tested with the children's school, to the polished product that you can now have free for 10 days. The Letter-join 'Home Edition' is everything the School Edition is, but doesn't have the whiteboard facility.  So, you get the all the animations, the complete set of practice workheets and every new update. The most recent addition was Capital letters which was immediately available to all registered users.

The Letter-join 'Home Edition' costs just £35.00 for a one year subscription.
We hope you find it an easy and fun way for your children to practice joined-up writing.

Click on the button at the top of the page, or follow this link:

Choosing your cursive handwriting letters

At the Letter-join launch at the London BETT Education show, we presented Letter-join to hundreds of visitors and asked them what we could do to improve it. The most popular comment was for more letterform options for some of the lower-case letters. So, adding more alternative letters to the web site became one of our priorities. You can see the revised list of all the alternative letterform options below.

When you first log-in, Letter-join requests you choose your preferred letters before you present and teach to class. Letter-join cleverly stores and remembers your choices the next time you log-in. Sometimes we are asked why Letter-join is run from a web site, and the answer is so that we can add dynamic updates, which are immediately available to Letter-join users.
We have also had a few requests for alternative letterforms for lower case b and s which we shall add in due course. If you use any other letterforms that are not currently on the Letter-join web site, please let as know and we shall do our best to get them on line.

Welcome to Letter-join news!

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If you've never heard of Letter-join before - welcome! Letter-join is an online resource for teaching cursive or joined-up handwriting at home or at school. The Letter-join web site provides teachers with animations for letters and words all from a clean and simple design especially designed for interactive whiteboards for whole class participation. There is also a facility (on the School Edition) for children to draw and write patterns, letters and words on whiteboards - great fun! Most importantly, Letter-join contains practice print-out worksheets for all the patterns, letters and words. To find out more visit From there you can register for a free trial.

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